Official hearing in Brussels: highlights


Official hearing at the European Parliament: highlights


We have compiled the highlights of the official hearing of the Save Bees and Farmers citizens' initiative at the European Parliament, on 24 January, 2023, in a short video (below the programme). The speeches of some of the experts who presented our demands are also available to download (PDF document, 311 KB).


Programme of the hearing:

  • Introduction

Dr Helmut Burtscher-Schaden (Global 2000, AT)
Prof Violette Geissen (Wageningen University, NL)
Dr Jeroen Candel (Associate professor at Wageningen University, NL)

  • Demand 1 - 80 % reduction of synthetic pesticides use by 2030 and 100% by 2035

Jean-Bernard Lozier (Conventional Farmer, Normandie - France)
MEPs' comments and questions
Madeleine Coste (Slow Food EU, Food Policy Officer)

  • Demand 2 - Measures for biodiversity restoration on agricultural land

Dr Alain Peeters (Agroecology Europe)
MEPs' comments and questions
Dr Noa Simon Delso (Bee Life, EU)

  • Demand 3 - Support to farmers transitioning to agroecology

Andre Prescher-Spiridon (BUND, Germany)
Dr Alain Peeters (Agroecology Europe)
MEPs' comments and questions

  • Conclusion

Dr Martin Dermine (PAN Europe), Main Representative of the ECI

  • Q&A

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