Welkom Nederland!


With the Netherlands, the ECI aleready reached the quorum in eight countries


Welkom Nederland!

The Netherlands reaches the quorum

With the Netherlands reaching the signature threshold for the ECI, the “Save Bees and Farmers” hive is expanding: it now counts eight Member States, 220 partner organizations and over 631,000 Europeans.

A remarkable achievement for a campaign that faced several setbacks throughout the year and has been running during a global pandemic.

Nevertheless, the work is not quite over yet. With the 30th of September fast approaching, the ECI “Save Bees and Farmers!” has less than 50 days left to reach 1 million signatures.

400,000 committed citizens are still needed to sign for a bee-friendly, agriculture and a healthy environment free of toxic pesticides.

The aim of our Initiative is to obtain a paradigm shift in European agriculture towards a model that meets the needs of the environment, farmers and citizens alike, where all can thrive together.
You can sign the ECI online or on printed paper forms.
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