Covid-19: ECI continues online for the moment.


We continue to fight for a pesticide-free agriculture for a healthy environment, even in times of Covid-19.


Covid-19: "Save Bees and Farmers!" continues online for the moment.

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Almost 300,000 people from all over the EU have already signed our European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) "Save Bees and Farmers!". The message is loud and clear: it is time to put an end to toxic pesticides that harm bees, the environment and our health. That is why we continue to fight for a pesticide-free agriculture for a healthy environment, even in times of Covid-19.

As collecting signatures on paper is no longer possible, in order to prevent the virus from spreading any further we call on everybody to stop collecting signatures on paper forms and to mobilize your family, your friends and your colleagues by email, social media or telephone. You can easily sign online: www.savebeesandfarmers.eu

Europe stands still - our fight against pesticides does not stop.

Due to the current situation, the publication of two strategic papers on food, agriculture and biodiversity by the EU Commission has been delayed as they have been considered "non-essential" (1). This prioritisation by EU institutions is understandable.

Nevertheless we, the organisers of the ECI, have decided to continue to stand for our goal: since we have taken the call to do everything possible to prevent the virus from spreading further very seriously, the ECI office has been working in home office over the last two weeks, and our commitment against dangerous pesticides and for a small-scale and ecological agriculture continues unfaltering.

A European Citizens' Initiative in times of Covid-19

As public life is almost paralysed, we have asked the EU Commission to extend the period for collecting signatures. Although we believe this would be fair, we don’t know how the Commission will react, as there are no comparable precedents. That is why we are now concentrating our efforts on the online signature collection (and, for the moment, stick to our end of September deadline).

The extinction of species does not pause - neither do we!

The extinction of bees and species continues even during the Covid-19 crisis! That is why we continue fighting for a healthy environment and a bee-friendly agriculture.

The aim of our Initiative is to  achieve a paradigm shift in European agriculture towards a model that meets the needs of the environment, farmers and citizens alike, where all can thrive together.

In addition to the one million validated signatures, a minimum of 7 countries reaching their respective signature thresholds is required in order for the ECI to be considered successful and for it to be officially accepted by the European Commission.


Across the EU, we want to collect at least one million signatures for a bee-friendly agriculture and a healthy environment.

Sign the European Citizens' Initiative and spread it via email or social media: www.savebeesandfarmers.eu

Thanks for your great support … if we keep working together, we will be able to continue our initiative successfully even in these extraordinary times and under such difficult circumstances.


(1) https://www.euractiv.com/section/energy-environment/news/green-deal-facing-delays-due-to-coronavirus-eu-admits/



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