"Save Bees and Farmers" asks for a ban of three bee-toxic substances


"Save Bees and Farmers" asks for a ban of three bee-toxic substances

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While the European Commission proposes to ban outdoor uses of 3 bee-toxic pesticides (sulfoxaflor, benfluralin and cypermethrin), European Member States oppose to removing them from the market. This situation happens constantly: while the Commission tries to implement the law and protect bees or farmers' and peoples' health, a majority of EU Member States prefer protecting the agribusiness' interest rather than biodiversity and their citizens' well-being. Today, the Save Bees and Farmers ECI alliance sent a letter to Vice-President Timmermans and Commissioner Kyriakides (PDF-Dokument, 162.1 KB) as well as to the ministers of agriculture in EU countries to demand a ban on these 3 bee-toxic substances. Our ECI aims at stopping the dramatic influence of pro-agribusiness Member States and impose a ban on synthetic pesticides in the EU until 2035. Please support us and sign our ECI!



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